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True Home Herb Co.™ is proud to introduce our research-based, value driven nootropic, CogniTrue™



The insults that most of us have endured to our cognitive abilities (memory, reasoning, focus, etc.) are so pervasive that we just adapt to them, believing there is nothing that can be done.

The truth is there is a lot you can do to revitalize the healthy, youthful structure and function of your cognitive abilities. The best place to start is with our broad spectrum CogniTrue™ product, designed just for you. Know what it’s like to think and remember with the natural faculties you were born with and meant to have throughout all the stages of your life.

CogniTrue™ is a nutraceutical formulation containing standardized (guaranteed potency) herbal extracts that are uniquely effective individually and synergistically to improve mental functions. CogniTrue™ is a unique plant based Ayurvedic nootropic developed in response to a gap in the health food market for a product to bring hope to individuals with mild memory loss associated with aging.

OUR COGNITRUE™ BRAND:  Maintaining mental sharpness is a growing goal for all of us. Our population is now experiencing health issues with cognitive function, no matter our age.  COGNITRUE™ is a synergistic nootropic blend of unique Ayurvedic herbs that supports mental energy no matter one’s age, from Gen Z and Millennial through Baby Boomer and to the Golden Years, with no worries about having jitters or the ups and downs of caffeine. CogniTrue™ encompasses the quality and efficacy of herbal supplements produced from organically grown medicinal plants that have been extracted to remove toxins and create a standardized guaranteed potency state-of-the art nootropic. A basic tenet of True Home Herb Co™ is that we demonstrate transparency at every level, including sourcing, manufacturing, quality of ingredients, and the efficacy of our end-product. We share the values of sustainability, fair trade and environmental responsibility with our suppliers and manufacturer. When we formulated CogniTrue™ from Ayurvedic food products, we sought the highest-grade sustainably grown organic plants, with ingredients extracted to the highest standard available in the nutraceutical market today.  All our products have the highest level of quality of manufacturing certification offered by the US government. Our herbs are extracted with the highest standards possible for guaranteed potency, and we back that up with a Certificate of Authenticity for every product. When you purchase CogniTrue™, your experience will be that of ingesting a product that has the highest possible standard for purity and efficacy.

At True Home Herb Co. ™ we ‘walk the walk’ by providing ethically produced and sustainable products at an affordable price with a guarantee of excellence. You do not need to purchase several costly products to achieve efficacy. In fact, everything you need for an effective nootropic that addresses cognitive issues and provides neural support is in one serving of our nootropic CogniTrue™.

CogniTrue™ provides an experience that supports anti-aging by increasing your cognition to promote clarity, focus, and improve energy levels and mood. And you will improve your mental functions by relieving feelings of stress. We are working with mother nature to create nutraceuticals and cosmeceuticals from organically grown medicinal plants. We are also working with an elite manufacturer, who has implemented cultivation programs that ensure a stable supply of organically grown plants. To accomplish this economically essential supply chain, our manufacturer provides farmer-partners on organic farms in India with technical support and advice, financial help, and incentives to motivate them to grow crops in a sustainable manner using modern technology. And the farmers are paid in fair-trade wages. In the most recent past years, while there was a shortage of turmeric in the market, our manufacturer was able to provide an uninterrupted supply of genuine curcumin to their loyal customer base at competitive prices. Their technical support to farmers also produces a higher quality raw material, so the superiority of our ingredients begins literally at the ground level.

YOUR COGNITRUEEXPERIENCE:  How is your experience of purchasing CogniTrue™ from True Home Herb Co.™ different from obtaining products from other herbal supplement suppliers?  We are a research-based company, where science has finally caught up with nature and health benefits. Every ingredient in our products is standardized for purity and efficacy. All of our ingredients are clinically tested. They are all extracted to guarantee potency.  This is what makes us distinctly different from any other company. We ensure that our products have no toxins or synthetic ingredients. Our pure Ayurvedic plants have been used medicinally in India, China, and other Asian countries for thousands of years. We guarantee the purity, safety (toxin free) and efficacy of our products and we back this statement up with a Certificate of Authenticity for every bottle of product that we sell. This confidence in knowing you have received the highest quality herbal supplement formula possible is what your experience will be when you purchase our product. 

BECOMING AN ELITE EDUCATED CONSUMER:  Have you ever pondered the safety and efficacy of herbs that you purchased at a health food store or from an on-line source?  The truth is you should be concerned. Consumers need to become self-educated to the fact that synthetics and toxins are rampant in the dietary supplement industry, especially in turmeric, the basis for curcumin.  The first step to becoming educated about knowing ‘what’s in the bottle’ is to learn to read the label to be able to determine whether the product you have purchased is free from toxins and synthetics. Natural curcumin is a group of three bioactive components present in turmeric. Curcumin makes up a significant segment of the herb market.  Because of its popularity, demand for organically produced turmeric has resulted in challenges to the supply chain, creating an unbalanced supply and demand state. Some manufacturers have flooded the market with synthetic versions disguised as naturally derived curcumin or they have ‘spiked’ natural curcumin with synthetic curcumin.  Synthetic curcumin is usually made from petroleum-based chemicals. This sham material lacks any proof of long-term safety, let alone benefits to one’s health.  So why are some companies creating these fraudulent products in the first place? It’s because they are trying to increase their profit margins by passing off cheaper and potentially harmful synthetic versions of curcumin™ as ‘natural.’ 

EDUCATING YOURSELF:  Reading labels is important. And it is not difficult to do when you know what you are looking for. Basically, to determine whether an ingredient has been extracted to provide guaranteed potency, one needs to look for the term ‘guaranteed potency’ on the label. You can also look for the word ‘standardized.’ At True Home Herb Co.™, we do not like to be ambiguous about the fact that all of our ingredients are standardized to exacting degrees. We use the phrase ‘std. to (percentage amount) % total (name of ingredient).’  Herbal supplement companies are required by US statute, i.e., the Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act (DSHEA), 1994 to list all their product ingredients on the label. If these ingredients are extracted from pure organic herbs and standardized to exact percentages, manufacturers should be proud to list this information on the label. If you have any questions as to content, viability, efficacy, or purity of product, call the manufacturer on the phone number they are required to print on the product label and request their Certificate of Authenticity.  Not all herbs are formulated or extracted to go into a formulation. But a company that advertises manufacturing with quality should have no problem supplying a Certificate of Authenticity for each of their products. We at True Home Herb Co.™ are in business because we want to bring transparency to the customer to ensure sustainability for the industry.  Our goal is to support you with unique products that are scientifically validated, based on years of dedicated research to improve human health and wellbeing. 

WHY EXTRACTION?     A critical manufacturing step that companies bypass is extraction of herbal ingredients that follows the highest scientific standards to remove toxins and guarantee potency. So why is extraction important to the manufacturing process? Plants naturally grow at different rates at different times of the year, depending on climate factors, including sun and rainfall. Thus, it is not sufficient to simply harvest the plant and put it into bags or two-piece capsules. Our elite extraction process, based on decades of experience and scientifically proven methods, produces ingredients that are the same with every single serving. The extraction process used by our elite manufacturer guarantees that every single ‘dose’ is exactly the same – from bottle to bottle, no matter when the product is grown, harvested, processed or purchased. This is our guarantee to you, so you will know that your self-care is the same for every single dose. And, while our plants are organically grown in fields that are organically certified and our harvested plants are tested many times prior to extraction, our elite extraction process removes any residual toxins that may be in the plant’s root system or environment.  A properly done extraction process ensures purity and efficacy. In other words, proper extraction ensures the bioavailability and percent of beneficial constituents in an ingredient.  It is easy to make false and/or misleading claims to unsuspecting consumers. Our goal at True Home Herb Co.™ is to fully educate you in these facts so that you can benefit from the very best quality, efficacy and safety from manufacturers and suppliers.

OUR VALUE DRIVEN ETHIC: We are value driven and we want to provide you with the best value for your hard-earned money.  And we want you to be able to hold manufacturers’ feet to the fire when it comes to requiring they provide proof of quality. True Home Herb Co.™ is committed to sustainability and ethical practices.  This is why all of our products are standardized with elite extractions that guarantee potency. We back this up with a Certificate of Authenticity with every single purchase you make.  The only way a consumer can be certain of the credibility of a product is to request a Certificate of Authenticity from the manufacturer.  True Home Herb Co. issues this Certificate of Authenticity with every bottle of our products. This is how we provide transparency and proof of quality and efficacy to you. Every True Home Herb Co.™ product ingredient is extracted to remove toxins and guarantee potency.

CALL TO ACTION:  Don’t be fooled by buzz words or slick marketing campaigns. Don’t be fooled by false assurances of ‘transparency’ because your herbs are packaged in a ‘see through’ container showing the capsules inside. This is not what transparency means.  Transparency is an assurance that your purchased product is safe to consume and that it will do what the manufacturer claims it will do.  Transparency is a Certificate of Authenticity provided by your manufacturer with every single bottle of product sold.  It is necessary to expose the potential for exploitation that exists in the industry. The challenge for each consumer is to become self-educated to label reading to ensure their own safety. Then, YOU will control the message. Your shopping habits will show manufacturers that you demand purity and efficacy in every herbal product you purchase. You will be doing yourself a favor, you will be helping your community, and you will be doing the entire industry a favor by demanding this level of quality. True Home Herb Co.™ has committed to providing reassurance of safety and confidence in the purity of its products. We provide a Certificate of Authenticity for every bottle of product manufactured.  Our Certificate of Authenticity is your reassurance of transparency that you can trust every True Home Herb Co. ™ product to be created with standardized potency, without toxins or synthetics.

OUR FOUNDER: True Home Herb Co. has a seasoned leadership team that draws on decades of experience in the herbal supplement business. True Home Herb Co. was founded by Valere McFarland, PhD to bring unique research-based formulations to market. Our unique nootropic, CogniTrue™, was formulated by James ‘Jim’ Beck, who founded Solaray Corporation in 1973. In 1994, he and Valere began a 30-year life journey for rejuvenation of health with nutrition as their foundation. They shared a commitment to producing the highest quality research-based herbal supplements from medicinal plants. Together, Jim and Valere created CogniTrue™ in response to their shared recognition that there was a gap in the herbal supplement market for a true nootropic to address cognitive abilities. Our CogniTrue does that, and so much more. We bring the highest quality products to you with our commitment to never compromise on this quality. We will never be too ‘big’ to answer your health -related questions and guide you in the use of our products for a healthier and happier future.

OUR COMMUNITY: True Home Herb Co.™ is more than a supplement company. It is a community of like-minded individuals who have joined together to further their journey of returning to the natural healthy state they were born with and meant to have throughout all the stages of their lives. We invite you to join us on your own health journey, no matter where you are on your path. We will meet you at that place. We welcome your comments on your experience with using our nootropic, CogniTrue™.  True Home Herb Co.™ is your home for care, compassion, and commitment to enhancing your health experience through your use of CogniTure™.

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