True Home Herb Co. is proud to offer a life-changing product with unique time-tested ingredients that may support the repair of damaged neurons, maintain your healthy mood, furnish mental alertness and fight off free radicals that damage brain cells. Join us as our True Home Herb Co. community celebrates the launch of this unique nootropic product formulated to enrich your wellness journey.



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The Only Nootropic You Will Need

The insults that most of us have endured to our cognitive abilities (memory, reasoning, focus, etc.) are so pervasive that we just adapt to them, believing there is nothing that can be done. The truth is there is a lot you can do to revitalize the healthy youthful structure and function of your cognitive abilities. The best place to start is with our broad spectrum COGNITRUE™ product, designed just for you. Know what it’s like to think and remember with the natural faculties with which you were born and were meant to have throughout all the stages of your life.

COGNITRUE™ is a plant based Ayurvedic nootropic developed in response to a gap in the health food market for a product to bring hope to individuals with mild memory loss associated with aging. Our unique COGNITRUE™ nutraceutical formulation contains standardized (guaranteed potency) herbal extracts that are uniquely effective individually and synergistically to improve mental functions.

Maintaining mental sharpness is a growing goal for all of us, no matter our age. Our population is now experiencing health issues with cognitive function. COGNITRUE™ supports mental energy no matter one’s age: from Gen Z and Millennial through Baby Boomer and to the golden years, with no worries about having jitters or the ups and downs of caffeine.

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