Transparency (continued)

Transparency (continued)

Our Transparency Commitment to You

Our ingredients are impeccably sourced.  Our products are ‘honest and true’ with an uncompromising standard of quality.  Our products provide state-of-the-art formulations to help your body achieve optimal health and well-being.

When you purchase True Home Herb Co.’s products, you receive the benefit of our fifty plus years of experience in sourcing, manufacturing, and formulating herbal products. We are very selective in the products we source, and we demand that level of quality from our suppliers.

At True Home Herb Co., our formulations are created by applying the most modern and sophisticated testing and extraction techniques to the most ancient and relied upon ‘secrets’ of the masters of herbology. Beyond that, their efficacy is supported by blind and double blind placebo controlled studies conducted in Western, Middle-Eastern, and Asian universities and medical institutions [read literature reviews here]. These unique and highly advanced formulations can be used to support your structural and functional health issues in conjunction with the advice and treatment of your health care practitioner.

Educating our customers is important to us. The more informed you are, the better your choices will be and interactions with your health care providers will be more productive. That’s why we share with you our knowledge, experience and independent product research.

Why Are We Here?

It’s simple:  because you deserve better.  We have two goals in the formation of True Home Herb Co.  First, we want to fill the gaps in the market for specific formulations for specific conditions.  Secondly, we want our products to be affordable. We have not inflated prices to cover the hundreds of dollars it would cost one to purchase single ingredient products to replicate our formulations.  In fact, you are paying a fraction of that cost.   We have done the hard work to make it as easy as possible for you to choose an effective and fairly priced herbal formulation.

Our formulas and products could not exist without you. We offer them with all of our best wishes and look forward to your feedback. We are always here for you.